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Funded Post-Doc Internship Opportunity - Naval Research Laboratory (5100 hits)

The Naval Research Laboratory is excited to announce a newly created Post-Doc position, beginning in August 2019. The selected candidates will conduct research at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory under the guidance of a Principal Investigator.

This is a two-year appointment beginning in August 2019 (based on annual review)

Annual Salary:

Additional Details:
Relocation expenses provided

US Citizenship
Graduation no later than July 2019
Have attended an HBCU

If you're eligible for this position, we encourage you to learn more and start an application. Feel free to take a look at the project descriptions below to find out more about the opportunity. Please note, this program uses the same application as our undergraduate/graduate NRL Internship Program.

We are happy to answer any questions about this position, so feel free to contact Tyana Anglin at tyana.anglin@twc.edu or 202-238-7995.

Brief NRL Research Project Titles and Descriptions:

Sorbents for Mitigation of Bulk Chemical Materials
Chemical warfare agents (CWAs), precursors, and related materials may be discovered in relatively large volume containers, requiring safe disposal. This work will investigate sorbent materials that are scalable for adsorption/absorption of bulk CWAs and, ideally, catalyze conversion of the chemicals to produce less harmful or benign species. Development of sorbents for rapid sequestration and neutralization of chemical warfare agents, particularly in a non-dispersed, or bulk, form, differs significantly from previous sorbent development efforts that focused on preconcentration of dilute compounds from environmental samples. PhD in Chemistry, Chem. Engineering, Environmental Sciences

Sorbents for Mitigation of Bulk Chemical Materials
Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces (SLIPS) coatings are comprised of two components, a film of lubricating liquid held within a functionalized, textured substrate. This provides a surface that is effectively smooth on the molecular scale as well as a liquid-liquid interaction interface for contacting liquids. Although promising, the progressive depletion of the lubricating liquid at edges and interfaces as well as ongoing depletion due to drag and intrusion of contacting liquids under pressure present a significant limitation to adoption of the technology. Slippery omniphobic covalently attached liquids (SOCAL) provide similarly repellent, liquid-like characteristics, but are based on covalently attached flexible groups that are non-depleting, offering the potential for vastly improved longevity and durability. This effort seeks to develop approaches for replacement of lubricating liquids in Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces (SLIPS) that provide improved durability to the widely applicable technology. Applications include anti-fouling, anti-fog, anti-ice, and self-cleaning coatings. PhD in Chemistry, Chem. Engineering, Mech. Engineering Cognitive Navigation Cognitive navigation uses recurrent neural networks (RNNs), chip-scale atomic clocks (CSAC), and on-board processing to provide precise Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed (ECEF) navigation solutions for Earth-observation platforms in space. Similar to XNAV, the spacecraft navigation solution is derived independent of all external systems; including the Global Positioning System (GPS). Unlike XNAV, however, cognitive navigation will provide solutions that are more precise and minimize the need for additional size, weight, or power (SWaP) on the spacecraft. The same navigation process will also quantify observatory misalignments and enables autonomous spacecraft calibrations. PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics

The Development of Novel, IR Transmitting Optical Polymers
Optical materials with infrared (IR) transmission capabilities are often composed of inorganic semiconductors such as germanium and silicon, or are glasses made of the chalcogenides (i.e. sulfur, selenium, tellurium). Such materials are optically advantageous because they exhibit low optical losses in the 1 10 μm light spectrum range, and they have high, tailorable refractive indices (n ~ 2.0 4.0, where n is refractive index), which are necessary for better focusing power and wave-guiding of light. Even with the utility of these materials, their broader use and implementation is limited because of their weight, difficult processing, and cost to manufacture. Polymer-based optics overcome many of these disadvantages because they are typically inexpensive, lightweight, and can be readily fabricated with simple techniques, eliminating the costly need for grinding and polishing. PhD in Materials Science, Materials Engineering w/ Polymer Science Engineering background

Space Solar Concept and Technology Development
Space Solar has been known to be technically feasible since the 1970s and to be scalable to all global energy demand, providing 24-hour pollution-free renewable energy. Relevant research areas include spacecraft subsystems development (structures, mechanisms, thermal), large space structures, space robotics, mission design, power beaming technology (transmitters, receivers, characterization of atmospheric effects), energy collection technology (photovoltaics, heat engines, sun-pumped lasers), and power grid integration. PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics

Power Beaming for Energy Delivery
Many energy applications are hamstrung by dependence on fossil fuels, batteries with limited life and capacity, and operations in areas that are difficult, expensive, and risky for energy resupply via conventional means. The benefit and motivation for long-range wireless power is its ability in contexts unsuitable for wires to move energy from a place where it is comparatively easy to generate or store to a place where it is more challenging to generate or store. The technology itself takes several forms, including: (1) laser transmission at a range of possible wavelengths to receivers consisting of bandgap-tuned photovoltaics, thermophotovoltaics, or heat engines, (2) millimeter-wave transmission using solid state or gyrotron sources to rectennas or heat engines, and (3) microwave transmission at a range of possible frequencies from vacuum or solid state electronics to rectenna receivers. PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
Posted By: Reginald Culpepper
Tuesday, May 21st 2019 at 5:47PM
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