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Employer Case Studies
Some Background:
In a typical scenario, the companies that we work with are looking to increase the exposure of their opportunities, utilizing us as a population of African American professionals that will give their jobs and brand a trackable number of impressions every month. So typically our job is not to get people hired like a search firm, but to increase the exposure of your opportunities into the hundreds of thousands. We can effectively measure how many talented folks we can get to the party, but it is up to you to put on a good show. We can also make a strong appeal to those potential hires on why they should work for a particular company, but the hiring ultimately falls into the hands of the employer but there is the intangible of how much value we add to your strategy for impressing high potential minority talent.

Some Examples:
  1. U.S. Department of Treasury
    We put together a hybrid recruitment package that not only included the typical recruitment branding and job exposure components, but also included active recruitment assistance by dedicated staff members on my team. We actually advertised to our audience, contacted potential recruits and pre-screened talent based on campaigns we ran throughout the year and helped this government branch reach their goal of hiring 5 to 10 new employees. In this scenario they actually hired people that we pre-screened from our audience.

  2. MidAtlantic Farm Credit
    Challenged with trying to hire minorities in remote parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland, they came to us for ideas and assistance. We recommended that they put an internship program in place and bring in college Juniors and Seniors for experience and a chance to experience some of the benefits for working with them despite the remote (non-urban) locations. We advertised the internship opportunities and also screened and recommended talent to them for their internship opportunities which resulted in at least 3 hires. This client has been working with us every year since 2006.

  3. McGraw-Hill
    For several years now, working with Peter Castillo at McGraw-Hill we have had continuous success as an extention to the diversity recruitment efforts utilizing just about all of the tools in our toolbox! We see the relationship with larger corporations doing significant hiring in multiple locations nationwide as being most similar to how we assist McGraw-Hill, where we use all weapons in our arsenal to maximize exposure for McGraw-Hill's recruitment brand, and also utilize dedicated staff members to perform special campaigns where we are interfacing directly with potential hires for their internship and full-time employment opportunities. Most recently we ran an essay competition that did 2 things for McGraw-Hill: Promoted their recruitment brand by offering a employment opportunities and actual scholarship dollars, but we also targeted the promotion to high potential candidates that would be a good fit for internship and recent grad opportunities. We have positioned ourselves as partners and thus whenever McGraw-Hill has a special position or recruitment push, we act as an arm to their recruitment activities.

  4. The National Marrow Donor Program
    The National Marrow Donor Program also known as Be The Match exists to service the needs of all patients that need to receive bone marrow or cord blood transplants when they need it. Every year, thousands of people of all ages are diagnosed with leukemia and other life-threatening diseases. Many of them will die unless they get a bone marrow or cord blood transplant from a matching donor.

    Seventy percent of people do not have a donor in their family and depend on the Be The Match Registry┬« to find a match to save their life. The numbers of donors among African Americans is lower ┬Ś much lower. Be The Match determined a need to get out in the community and partner with organizations that had strong awareness, capacity, and credibility within the African American community in an effort to increase the number of potential and registered donors.

    Our solution of building a customized social networking portal has netted positive returns and given the organization a central point thru which they are able to communicate, showcase, and test various forms of information and messaging. In June of 2010, they opted to use our connect platform and the customized portal we created to participate in the Pepsi Refresh project where they won a $100,000 grant by getting the most response from website visitors/voters on the Pepsi Refresh website. This relationship has proven to be one of our most successful in the history of the organization.

Consider a Partnership Structure:
If you are looking to create a talent pipeline attached to the talent coming from Historically Black Colleges & Universities, we should work together to explore a partnership where we put together a custom strategy specifically for your organization with the following components:
  • All of our recruitment branding advertising capabilities, where we track the exposure on a monthly basis.
  • At least one dedicated staff member on our team to assist with special high visibility career opportunities, hand pick, screen and recommend talent.
  • Assist with the development of recruitment campaign concepts and creative elements on an on-going basis.
Please let us know when you might like to have a discussion. We are always available to meet with your team in person, by phone or in our office in surburban Columbus, Ohio.

For questions or to discuss further, please contact Will Moss @ 614.416.5515 or email sales@hbcuconnect.com.

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