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Pros and Cons for Women Working in Realty (452 hits)

As you look around at today's real estate industry, you notice more and more females as agents, brokers, and in other related occupations. However, while women are said to be dominating the industry at the moment, they still face a number of unique challenges on a daily basis. Should you be considering a career in real estate, here are a few pros and cons for women in this industry.

Personal Safety

Since selling a client's home can involve late-evening appointments to show a house, holding open houses in neighborhoods that may not be the best quality, and often dealing with male clients one-on-one, female real estate professionals are always at risk regarding their personal safety. Unfortunately, such crimes as stalking and s*xual assault sometimes occur in these situations.

Balancing Career and Family

For many women, especially those who are just beginning their careers in real estate, trying to balance career and family responsibilities can be challenging. Whether it's having to work on weekends to host open houses or put in long hours through the week at the office, you can expect to have your family walking a tightrope to make sure you don't miss out on ballgames, celebrations, and other important events.

Increasing Number of Career Advancement Opportunities

Just as more and more workplaces today are emphasizing diversity, so too is the real estate industry. One of the most positive aspects of this is more women having the chance to advance their realty careers as far as they desire. Thus, whether a woman wants to be the best agent at her office or instead has plans to open an office of her own at some point, you can expect to see more women in positions of leadership within today's real estate industry.

Job Flexibility

While women may have to work long hours at times to get their real estate careers off the ground, you can also expect to have quite a bit of job flexibility in this profession. For example, many women choose to start their real estate careers on a part-time basis, allowing them to test the waters and figure out how to balance professional and personal responsibilities. As success starts to follow, the best agents can often set their own schedules, allowing them to have added flexibility.

Like any career, succeeding in real estate takes hard work and a commitment to excellence. By learning as much as possible about the pros and cons of working in real estate, you can decide if it's something you wish to pursue.

Posted By: Anica Oaks
Thursday, October 7th 2021 at 1:36PM
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